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On December 1st 2017, The Khukuri, a client we had been working alongside a few years before, was taken over. The new management (who also happened to be Sunil’s brother) had a vision but wanted someone he could trust to bring it to life. Being designers, avid photographers and having a keen interest in how elements should work together, tactilely and visually, IMD took on the challenge.

Our aim was to bring the aesthetics of the restaurant into the 21st century whilst preserving the traditional side of the Nepalese culture. We wanted to remove the heavy and over-bearing orange of the walls and use a chocolate/cream colour palette for neutrality and warmth. The chocolate was a play on subtle luxury and earthiness, but to avoid feeling claustrophobic we added the lighter cream on top to open the space and allow other colours to be introduced. This also complimented the marketing material which had the hint of orange/red in the logo*.

As you can see from the before and after photos below, the restaurant had an array of cultural pieces but we felt it too much and if we were aiming for chic we had to tone it down. We only kept the pieces that harmonised with the colour palette and gave them purpose on the walls by displaying them in a symmetrical order for a more balanced visual display. This, along with a little feng shui, we created a space that was not only welcoming but calm so that even in the busiest times of the day diners would be happy to sit and socialise with friends and loved ones.

With the new look and atmosphere of the restaurant along with a passionate team and IMD’s marketing, The Khukuri went from #326 on TripAdvisor’s best restaurants in Edinburgh list to #68 within six months. They’ve also received nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook from enthusiastic diners. The proof, we would like to say, is in the Kheer (pudding).

*The identity ie. restaurant name and logo, remained unchanged to avoid confusion with an already well-known establishment.

Please visit The Khukuri Facebook page for more photographs:

The Khukuri Restaurant Old Image

The Khukuri Restaurant Before

The Khukuri Restaurant New Image

The Khukuri Restaurant After

The Khukuri Restaurant Image

The Khukuri Restaurant Image

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