What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a design process whereby graphics, pictures and text are placed together to produce a coherent whole. This can be physically or virtually. From the postage stamps on your letters to the tin of beans in your cupboard or to the website that you are now reading, this form of visual communication is everywhere.

Why do you need Graphic Design?

If you need to put yourself out there and make yourself known to the wider world you need to get attention. You could be that multi million company who wants to advertise their new product, you could be that freelance writer who has just been published or you could be one individual who wants to offer a charitable service to the community. Even though the internet and social media is such a powerful tool these days, in order to get noticed you need that creative visual to instantly make a difference. Whether it be a logo, business card, Facebook cover, flyer or booklet, people respond to images in milliseconds. The following article shows just how important visual marketing is: https://designschool.canva.com/blog/visual-marketing/

Why should I make a Graphic Designer my priority?

Whatever you set out to do, it’s YOUR IDENTITY. Just as we are trying to convince you to choose to work with us, you need to convince others why they want you. Yes, you could opt for a cheaper way out, such as an online print company who churn out generic designs that get the job done quickly but with a design that is unique to you, wouldn’t you rather want to invest in yourself just as you are asking others to invest their time and money in you? Something to think about!

What’s important to us at In Motion Designs is good design and a good repour with you, the client; trust and communication are vital and in order to achieve that we have a design process that we work by which proves to be successful everytime:

Graphic Design Workflow

Graphic Design Workflow

To conclude, as some of our clients have done in the past, think very carefully before you go ahead with the cheaper option as more often than not the cheaper ends up costing more in the long run. With us, we discuss, we brainstorm, we create and together, produce something that represents you.

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