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Graphic Design
Website Design & Development


Communities for Conservation Project, Edinburgh
Edinburgh & Lothian Regional Equality Council (ELREC)
Established in 1971, Edinburgh & Lothian Regional Equality Council is an Edinburgh based charity working with ethnic minorities towards the elimination of discrimination in all its forms and to reduce inequality and promote a culture of human rights.

Graphic Design
ELREC wanted a logo to represent their Communities for Conservation project. For the logo, the brief was to fuse together a sense of the local community, energy and the growing of crops. The ELREC team also wanted a tagline encouraging the community to get involved in the ever-lasting fight to help our enviroment. We came up with "BE THE CHANGE" in that - you make it happen!

As the design was to be printed mainly on t-shirts we created a simple, one colour graphic that can be adapted at any time.

Website Design & Development
ELREC approached us to update their old website. During the initial conversations it was established that there were three main issues with their old website, which were:

  • The website was not mobile friendly which made accessing information via a mobile phone or a tablet difficult.
  • The website was designed entirely using HTML and CSS which meant updating the content was not easy without prior knowledge of programming languages.
  • There was no social media integration.

As ELREC relies on government funding, their budget to update their website was extremely limited. Our solution was to use a pre-designed WordPress template which will fulfil their needs but eliminate the cost of developing a bespoke system. Although a pre-designed theme is not an ideal solution in most cases (read more about it here), sometimes it can offer just enough functionalities to fit a project.

ELREC now has a fully responsive website which offers lots of useful information including photographs and videos.



Communities for Conservation Logo Design



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