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Invasive Plants of Nepal


Branding & Identity
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Flora of Nepal,
Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh
Flora of Nepal is a team of botanists from the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh actively working together with the relevant institutions in Nepal to collect information on local flora and share their findings with the aim to increase knowledge on the country's plants.

Flora of Nepal team have returned to us with an exciting new project called “Invasive Plants of Nepal”. The aim of the project was to create a responsive website which would provide information on various invasive plants found in 3 specific regions of Nepal. Apart from having all the standard features such as social media integration and media gallery the team were also looking for additional features such as the ability to use bar graphs to demonstrate progress for their set targets and the ability to update content in-house.

Branding & Identity
At the beginning the obvious choice was to use green as the base colour due to the nature of the project however, we wanted to bring a more earthy feel to the website as the project is based on the conservation of soil so we decided to use brown as the main colour and developed the branding.

As the project also involved finding new ways to utilise invasive plants we felt that the typeface protruding from the box represents the botanists "out of the box" thinking therefore using it as the logo design.

Website Design & Development
Based on the brief we decided to use WordPress (a highly flexible content management system) for this project which meant that content can be added and updated easily without prior knowledge or experience of HTML or other programming languages.

With a strong focus on user experience we designed & developed a responsive website which was easy to navigate on the front end and easy to maintain for the Flora of Nepal team. As it is a fully responsive website it can accessed from anywhere using any device.

Client Feedback

“We are very pleased with our new website on invasive plants of Nepal designed by In Motion Designs. It was great working with Sunil, and the product he delivers was just brilliant. They are very efficient, creative and always ready to take challenges-highly recommended for any design and web related work”.

Dr Bhaskar Adhikari Project Leader