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Leith Festival
Leith Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Edinburgh. It started in 1907 with a pageant and Gala day (badge day) to raise funds for Leith Hospital (this was before the NHS), over a century later it’s still going strong. The Leith Festival team approached us with the aim to create a brand new website which was going to serve as the main source of information for people interested in Leith Festival and upcoming events. Apart from having all the standard features such as social media integration and media gallery, the team were also looking for additional features such as the ability to create events and in-house management.

Website Design & Development
Based on the brief we decided to use WordPress (a highly flexible content management system) for this project which meant that content can be added and updated easily without prior knowledge or experience of HTML or other programming languages. With the new website they wanted to achieve 4 main objectives, which were:

  • The new website should be accessible through all devices in order to attract new and younger members.
  • The new website should have a mailing system which could be used to send out mass emails in the form of a newsletter to the society members.
  • The content of the new website should be easy to update without prior knowledge of HTML or other programming languages.
  • The new website should be linked with the festival's social media accounts.

The Leith Festival team were keen to continue using red as the festival's 2018 colour scheme to bring the website inline with already printed material. We developed the branding based on red as the base colours.

With a strong focus on user experience we designed and developed a WordPress, a highly flexible content management system which was easy to navigate on the front end and simple to administer for the Leith Festival team.

The simplicity of WordPress meant that with support and a little training from us the Leith Festival team were able to manage the content of the newly designed website in no time.

The new design incorporates links to the festival's social media pages and the responsive layout made it possible to access what the website had to offer using any device reaching a younger audience.

We built a simple mailing system allowing the Leith Festival team to regularly update their members with important new and upcoming events with a few simple clicks.