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Tormain, Centre For Healing & Sacred Studies

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Graphic Design
Website Design & Development


Tormain Centre, Centre for Healing & Sacred Studies
Tormain Centre for Healing & Sacred Studies is based in Ratho, west Edinburgh.

Graphic Design
The client had designed a symbol which she wanted to use for her Sacred Power of Ceremonies workshops but she wanted us to bring it to life and give it some form of visual identity. To push her symbol forward we created a powerful, almost hallucinating, pattern for the background in her chosen colour, purple, the colour of mysticism and healing. This also represented the chaos around the inner calm/balance of oneself or the energy that her clients would feel after the workshops - either way the design spoke to our client and she loved it.

  • Re-create Sacred Ceremonies symbol as a vector image
  • Flyers
  • Advert

Website Design & Development
We also designed and developed Tormain's website using soft pastel colours and energetic Tormain logo. The brief was very simple -

"the new website should be mobile friendly & retain its search engine ranking"

Based on the brief we designed and developed a responsive WordPress (a highly flexible content management system) website which meant that Tormain's existing customers or new customers could access their website with easy using various devices.

The simplicity of WordPress meant that the content could be added and updated easily without prior knowledge or experience of HTML or other programming languages.

We followed all the industry standards whilst developing the website and kept the coding structure clean to ensure Tormain didn't lose its existing search engine rankings.


Tormain promotional Flyer Design

Tormain Promotional Flyer Design

Tormain Advert for Konect booklet, issue July 2014

Tormain Advert for Konect Booklet, July Issue 2014


Client Feedback

“I have used both Ranjit and Sunil on a number of occasions regarding my business. They have helped me with flyers and advertising material, built upon my existing web and helped channel my business in the best possible way to reach my client group. I find their approach to their work is very encouraging and incredibly helpful often going over and above to reach the best possible standard for my business. They are an exceptional team and I would highly recommend their service.”

Kefah Bates Owner